The MCrc CANNABIS CATECHISM is a small handbook of practical, matter-of-fact principles about the subject matter at hand and emphasizes acute awareness. It stages a timely, grand entrance into our current modern-day society, plagued with social ills and difficult trials for a correct conscience, regarding the moral and responsible consumption of recreational cannabis.

The MISSION of our simple gift products is to announce the resolve of Mankind’s PLEDGE to honor the MCrc TEN COMMANDMENTS for Responsible Consumption of the Cannabis Plant.
We underscore the MCrc First COMMANDMENT to be the most important one of all! "PLEDGE!" "WAIT TILL 25!"

The MCrc Message is loud and clear for all to explore and to enact into one's lifestyle. From Parents to Kids...From Kids to Parents...each directs and supports a moral message to one another---one that promotes morality and moderation in consumption...and another that inspires Parents and Teens to nurture vital conversations inside their own "classroom of self-discovery."

Everyone of Mankind can assume a responsible role to support one another in the MCrc Mission. MR CANNABISrc sets the stage to teach and show all Mankind about the Vices and Virtues of the cannabis plant, and announces the TEN COMMANDMENTS for the Responsible Consumption of the Cannabis Plant.
MR CANNABISrc says..."The FIRST COMMANDMENT is the most important one of all: "PLEDGE!" "WAIT TILL 25!"

FYI...The RC subscript stands for: Responsible Consumption of Recreational Cannabis.